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What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal saves you money in the long run. Several treatments are necessary but the result lasts a long time. The number of sessions varies depending on the hair growth, the area to be treated and the skin phototype. Its advantages are:

  • Permanent Hair Removal : The laser targets hair follicles and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth, significantly reducing hair regrowth.

  • Precision : the laser can target specific hairs, even the finest, without damaging the surrounding skin.

  • Speed : the treatment is rapid and can cover large areas in a short time.

  • Low Pain: The laser uses cooling technology to minimize pain and discomfort.

  • Can be used on different body parts : The laser can be used on legs, armpits, bikini line, face, and other areas.

It's true that a laser hair removal session costs more than waxing... Have you calculated how much waxing will cost you over the course of your life? On average $50 at a beautician multiply by the number of times per year and multiply by approximately 50 years. You will be surprised at the savings you can make with laser hair removal.

If you opt for laser hair removal as your permanent hair removal option, you can say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal allows you to have smooth, hair-free skin all the time.

Do you have any idea how much time you spend each month waxing or shaving? Precious time that you could use doing something else...

Did you know that, throughout your life, you waste 170 days , the equivalent of 6 months, removing your unwanted hair.

Painless laser hair removal at Medesthétitque CR . The treatment is carried out by a technician certified in laser aesthetic care.

A very important advantage, you have the possibility of carrying out permanent hair removal on all areas of the body.

What is laser hair removal?

Permanent laser hair removal in Montreal, what price?

Laser hair removal is a technique that destroys the hair shaft and its bulb. The laser targets the pigmentation of the hair (i.e. melanin). It emits a very concentrated beam of light with a very precise wavelength. This light will be transformed into heat and will be absorbed by the melanin. When the pigment in the hair follicle is affected, the hair and its bulb are destroyed and then ejected, making regrowth impossible.

Laser hair removal destroys, with each session, a percentage of existing hair. The laser beam penetrates the hair follicles which is absorbed by the pigment of the growing hairs.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, it is the most effective definitive treatment on the market. The result is almost final. However, the treatment must be carried out correctly, the existing hairs will all be eliminated permanently. For those who have very heavy hair growth, it may be necessary to perform a few additional sessions. The results obtained are around 90% to 95% of hair destroyed, which is why we speak of permanent hair removal.

Medesthetic CR, your laser hair removal in Montreal, Sustainable hair removal!

Laser hair removal more effective than shaving?

Laser hair removal removes hair directly at the follicle. With shaving, hair is only removed from the surface of the skin. For some people, hair grows back so quickly that smooth, shaved skin doesn't last more than a day. There are also the problems of ingrown hairs, razor burn and itching.

Laser hair removal via electrolysis

Electrolysis consists of removing hair via an electrical pulse. It is a hair removal method that is done hair by hair. This is a fairly long hair removal process unlike laser hair removal which generally takes 6 to 10 sessions.

What is the difference between laser hair removal and pulsed light (IPL)?

Formerly used intense pulsed light (IPL) for hair removal but this machine is not a laser. Today, there are other very effective permanent hair removal techniques, including laser hair removal.

Intense pulsed light is still used for hair removal but it remains a more painful and slower technique, and it requires more treatments. Nowadays, pulsed light is normally used for photorejuvenation treatments.

Laser hair removal targets the hair more precisely so you will notice results more quickly. At the Medesthetic CR salon we use the latest generation technologies which are more efficient.

Laser hair removal Candiac, Medesthetic CR

What are the most common depilated areas in women?

We treat all areas of the body including the face, legs, bikini area, buttocks, arms, armpits.

Bikini laser hair removal

Conventional hair removal methods are difficult for women and remain a chore. Waxing is often tiring and the result is not always perfect. Shaving your bikini line causes redness, itching, irritation, sometimes cuts and ingrown pimples...

The solution is painless laser hair removal, which is what we offer. At the end of the treatment, the result is perfect with soft and smooth skin.

Underarm laser hair removal

Underarm laser hair removal is the most frequent request from our customers. Underarm laser hair removal is painless, a session lasts between 5 and 15 minutes.

Facial laser hair removal

A large majority of women are affected by facial hair. Hair in women is found on the upper lip, mustache, chin and cheeks. Women are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of these hairs. Laser hair removal is the most effective solution to regain hair-free and soft skin.

Laser hair removal on the arms

If you are one of the women who wants to get rid of the fuzz or hair on your arms, your hands or even your fingers, permanent laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of the hair.

What is the price for laser hair removal in Montreal?

To give you an idea of the price, count between $75 and $120 per session to wax your legs; $50 for underarms; and between $60 and $100 for bikini waxing.

There are also packages. For example: legs + bikini line + armpits. The latter are often more financially advantageous.

Can we remove hair with tweezers, wax or depilatory cream between sessions?

No, it is best to avoid using wax or tweezers between sessions at all costs. Shaving strengthens the hair, so the treatment is more effective.

What are the contraindications for laser hair removal?

  • Pregnant woman and prepubescent child (as a precaution)

  • Tattoo (on the treatment area)

  • Anticoagulant treatment

  • Thrombosis

  • Cancer

  • Photosensitizing drugs

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Herpes

  • Spray tan

  • Lesions, inflammations or infections in the area to be treated

Can laser hair removal be carcinogenic?

Fake . Lasers used for hair removal emit beams of light and not ultraviolet. These infrared lights, even at high power, are not carcinogenic.

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