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Acne is characterized by the presence of multiple skin lesions, with or without comedones, blackheads and microcysts that can evolve into larger inflammatory cysts and then in the long term into persistent scars.

The appearance of a pimple at the level of the follicle is due to an excess of sebum. The latter flows to the surface of the skin which then becomes oilier. The canal can become blocked and the pore clog, leading to the arrival of a comedo blackhead or a white microcyst. Then, the development of an inflammation inside the follicles and the infection of these by the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes leads to pimples.

Seborrheic retention

In acne, the walls of the canal that connects each orifice of the hair follicles to the surface of the skin tend to thicken, thus reducing its diameter and partially blocking the diffusion of sebum out of the follicle. This phenomenon, associated with the excessive production of sebum, causes an accumulation of sebum in the follicle. This increases in volume and sometimes breaks under the pressure of the accumulated sebum. Seborrheic retention is responsible for the formation of comedones (black pimples and white pimples).

Inflammation of the follicles

When a follicle is clogged and filled with sebum, inflammation can occur, linked to both damage to the follicle from excess sebum and the overgrowth of a microorganism called Propionobacterium acnes. This microorganism is naturally present in the follicles. In the presence of large amounts of sebum (which it feeds on), Propionobacterium acnes multiplies excessively and contributes to inflammation of the follicle and surrounding skin. Papules or nodules then form.

The follicle can be superinfected by other bacteria present on the skin which leads to the appearance of a pustule or a cyst containing pus.

Anti Acne Purifying Facial Treatment | Montreal | Candiac | Medesthetique-CR
Traitement Facial purifiant anti acné | Montréal | Candiac | Medesthetique-CR

Anti Acne Purifying Facial

This anti-acne facial treatment stands out for its exceptional composition that prevents and treats lesions. It helps neutralize inflammation and redness, control bacterial growth, fight blemishes and promote skin healing.


This deep cleansing facial dedicated to young problem skin includes:

  • A facial scrub, to eliminate roughness, impurities and refine the skin texture,

  • A steam bath with manual extraction of comedones (blackheads),

  • soothing lotion

  • An application of a cleansing and purifying charcoal and black clay mask with LED light phototherapy. Our innovative protocol combines the effectiveness of LEDs with the purifying effect of a glycolic mask that cleanses the follicles of excess sebum. This absorbs cellular debris and removes the oily appearance of the treated surface, with an astringent effect.

  • Application of a suitable serum or cream


LEDS (phototherapy) are recognized for their anti-inflammatory effect, and for their effectiveness in reducing sebum production; their actions complement each other with a healing effect, while destroying the bacteria responsible for acne.

The number of sessions and their frequency vary according to the type of acne and its degree of development. On average, it takes 10 sessions.

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