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Hair treatment Montreal

Permanent and painless hair removal with our latest generation laser technologies


The hair removal laser destroys, at each session, a percentage of existing hair. The laser beam penetrates the hair follicles which is absorbed by the pigment of the growing hairs.


How do lasers work?

The laser targets the pigmentation of the hair (ie melanin). It emits a very concentrated beam of light with a precise wavelength. This light will turn into heat it will be absorbed by the melanin. When the pigment of the hair follicle is reached, the hair and its bulb are destroyed then eject and it makes regrowth impossible.

With our latest laser technologies, you'll get great results all year round, helping you achieve your goal: permanent and painless hair removal. 

The DIODE LASER has a wavelength of 810 to 960 nm (wider wavelength spectrum than alexandrite and ND YAG. This technique is recognized as one of the most efficient and safest. _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_The diode laser adapts to all types of hair, the finest, coarse hair, etc.


ND-YAG LASER Laser for matte, tanned, dark or black skin 

The Nd-Yag laser is the one that is recognized as the most effective for dark skin (type 4 to 6). The risk of depigmentation spots is much lower than with other techniques

The Nd-Yag laser uses a wavelength of 1064 nm. This deeper wavelength ensures that the laser is absorbed deep into the melanin of the hair, beyond the pigment of darker skin.

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