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Vacuum rajeunissement de la peau Candiac

Vaccum: vacuum cavitation systemCandiac

A vacuum technology (vaccum) specific to certain skin treatments includinglymphatic drainage, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, skin re-energizing, lifting, stimulation and activation to remove fat mass.


The unique vaccum vacuum technique is the optimal method for simultaneously increasing blood and lymphatic circulation to improve tissue health and decrease edema and congestion.

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    20 min

    50 Canadian dollars

The vacuum therapy aims to drain the adipose tissue and therefore to mobilize the fat towards the lymphatic system. One of the great advantages of this technique is that it brings a firming effect very quickly, from the third session.


Vacuum therapy is mainly used to combat cellulite in all areas of the body such as the arms, buttocks, legs and abdomen.


The benefits of vacuum treatment:

  • Lymphatic drainage with low suction

  • Cellulite reduction with medium suction

  • Body remodeling with more intense suction.

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