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Traitement Petits Vaisseaux Sanguins à Montréal

Small Blood Vessel Treatment in Montreal

This intervention destroys the vein (rosacea, varicosity) by heat. This is generated by a high frequency electric current.
The results of thermocoagulation are excellent and fast: the varicosity fades immediately and is no longer visible from 48 hours after the treatment

VASCULAR LASER: Rosacea, erythrosis, angiomas, varicosities of the lower limbs
Vascular diseases of the skin result from a permanent dilation of blood vessels or capillaries occurring on a predisposed ground.
We mainly use the ND Yag 1064 nm laser and in some cases we can also use pulsed light (flash lamp). The laser is a device that emits a beam of light with properties to destroy a specific target: the hemoglobin of the blood circulating in the superficial vessels of the skin.


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