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Traitement Jambes Lourdes à Montréal

Heavy Leg Treatment in Montreal

If you are tired of the feeling of heavy legs, pressotherapy is for you. This technique consists of using large boots that will perform compressions on your legs   and thus promote better venous return. The effects are felt from the first session.

We also offer pressotherapy sessions for the arms, waist and buttocks.


Edema, lymphedema and phleboedema, prevention of thrombosis and sequelae of phlebitis, heavy legs, or in sports and post-surgical recovery.

Acute deep vein thrombosis, erysipelas or lymphangitis, systemic decompensation, pressure urticaria.


Lymphatic drainage is promoted, which reduces the liquids and toxins in which the adipocytes of the tissue affected by cellulite are trapped.

How pressotherapy works

Pressotherapy is based on the principle of pneumatic compression. It uses specially designed boots or sleeves that are wrapped around the areas of the body to be treated. These boots or sleeves are then connected to a pressotherapy machine which regulates air flow and pressure.

During the session, the machine inflates and deflates the compartments of the boots or sleeves sequentially. This compression action creates a gentle, rhythmic "pumping" effect along the targeted limbs or body areas. This process stimulates blood and lymph circulation, promoting fluid mobilization and toxin drainage.

Pressotherapy is designed to be pain-free and comfortable. The pressure exerted is generally set according to the patient's individual needs, and the session can be adapted in terms of duration and intensity.

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