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From April 1 to 30, 2023

  Painless laser hair removal
1 free session

♦️1 session   upper lip and full bikini $110

♦️1 full bikini armpit session 110$

♦️1 session Armpits, arms and upper lip 130$

♦️1 session Armpits, upper lip, full bikini 

♦️1 session Armpits and half legs 110$

♦️ 1 session Full legs and full bikini  

♦️1 session Armpits, full bikini and half legs $175

♦️1 session Armpits, full bikini and full legs 200$

♦️1 session Full face, full legs and armpits 275$

♦️1 session Armpits, full bikini, full legs and full face 300$

♦️1 session Underarms, full bikini, full legs, toes, fingers, full face and full back $375

Cryolipolysis uses a controlled cooling technique to remove fat cells from the body. During the treatment, an applicator is placed on the area to be treated, which gradually cools the area to a specific temperature. Fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other tissues, which leads to their crystallization and progressive degradation. The dead cells are then eliminated naturally by the body, without any side effects.

cryolypolyse perte de gras par le froid medesthétique candiac.jpg

Microdermabrasion is a technique that exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells to give it a boost of radiance. Thanks to a device, micro-particles (micro crystals) are sent to the face and then sucked up with the dead cells. This practice makes it possible to rejuvenate the skin, in particular by reducing wrinkles, spots and scars.

To permanently eliminate cellulite, there are effective aesthetic treatments that can be combined to achieve the best possible result. Among the most effective treatments to eliminate cellulite are: SLIMSCULPT is a single procedure to effectively build muscle mass. Slimsculpt raises, amplifies and firms your stomach, buttocks, calves, biceps and triceps....

lipocavitation radiofréquence-candiac-medesthétique.jpg


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