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HIfu rajeunissement de la peau par ultrason medesthetiquecrwebp

Hifu treatment facial by ultrasound

Ultrasound are used to tighten the skin and obtain a lifting effect as well as to destroy the fatty cells of the skin.

Hifu lifting, a rejuvenation treatment suitable for all skin types. This treatment acts as a deep cellular tightening on the face by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen.


Ultrasound revitalizes skin tissue by generating micro-points of coagulation at controlled depths beneath the skin's surface, specifically in the SMAS (subcutaneous musculoaponeurotic system) and deep dermis. Emitted by the handpiece, these ultrasounds induce a rise in the temperature of the collagen within this zone, typically reaching a range of 60°C to 70°C.

This heat causes "denaturation" of the collagen, followed by a gradual regeneration process lasting several months after the session. This process favors tissue regeneration, starting deep beneath the skin and progressing towards the surface, producing the desired firming effect.

HIFU treatment areas

- Face and forehead lift: slackening of the entire face, especially the oval, attenuation of jowls and double chin.

- Sagging eyebrows

- Malar pockets (oedemas localized on cheekbones)

- Reduced wrinkles

- Increased skin elasticity

- Tighter pores

- Regeneration of collagen

Hifu facial prices

Lower face (cheek and oval face) $450

Neck $400

Front $400

Face and neck stockings $575

Complete face (eyes, forehead, bottom of eyes, cheek, oval face) $700

Full face, neck $875

Face, neck and décolleté $1050

Hifu menton avant apres


The results are already visible the same day due to treatment and they improve over time because the fibroblasts that have been stimulated only react after 60 to 90 days. The lifting effect of the HIFU treatment is therefore accentuated from week to week. It becomes optimal after three months and lasts two years on average.

Depending on the degree of slackening of the facial skin, one or two sessions are enough to reshape the oval of a face.

In principle, a single session is enough (85% of cases), but in the event of more marked sagging skin (10% of cases), it is necessary to do a second session, ideally 6 to 8 weeks apart.
You should also know that 5% of patients are poor responders to “collagen induction” and will not have the expected effect. These rare insufficient results are totally unpredictable.

Here are the results we can obtain through the use of high intensity focused ultrasound:

  •     Promotes blood circulation

  •     Increases elastin and collagen production

  •     Re-educates muscles

  •     Stimulation of skin cells

  •     Skin rejuvenation

  •     Improves, firms and tightens muscles

  •     Reduction of drooping eyelids

  •     Reduction of nasolabial fold

  •     Improvement and tightening of skin laxity

  •     Tighter cheeks, jowls and neck

  •     Reduction of double chin

  •     Reduction of under-eye bags

  •     Minimization of fat deposits

  •     Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  •     Reduction of acne scars

  •     Enhancement of sagging breasts

  •     Tightens and lifts buttocks


Contraindications :

  • Skin diseases (herpes, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo…)

  • Metal implants (pacemaker, prosthesis)

  • Recent surgery and/or injections.

  • Taking anti-inflammatory, cortisone.

  • Open or infected wound.

  • Tumor.

  • Diabetes.

  • Anti-aggregation agents, anti-coagulants.

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