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Photo Rejuvenation

IPL pulsed light facial treatment to rejuvenate the skin

Photorejuvenation is a natural and non-invasive method that treats the skin in depth. thanks to intense and pulsed light (IPL) the production, naturally present in the skin, is boosted.

pulsed lightwhich creates a slight aggression in the skin with the aim of inducing the healing process of the skin. Creation of new collagen and elastin fibers: stimulation of fibroblasts (synthesis of neo collagen).

Light also acts on three interesting components for skin rejuvenation:

  • Vessels: redness is reduced.

  • The pigment: the complexion is unified.

  • Fibroblasts: the skin is densified.

The light emitted penetrates the damaged tissues where it is either absorbed by the blood (hemoglobin) in the context of the treatment of rosacea for example, or absorbed by melanin during the treatment of pigmented lesions (eg spots). An IPL treatment also helps to stimulate the production of natural collagen, a protein that helps maintain the suppleness, firmness and good hydration of the skin.

There is no age to start pulsed light treatment. In prevention protocol, it protects the appearance of signs of aging and treats imperfections (reduction of wrinkles, improvement of skin radiance, reduction of pigment spots, etc.)

The session is painless, the patient feels a very brief sensation of skin heating and tingling. The appearance of thin crusts is possible, but transient. Their disappearance is accelerated by the application of a healing cream.
There is no social eviction and it is possible to resume normal activities immediately after the session. We ask you to protect yourself from the sun for a month.

No sun exposure four weeks before the session and one week after the session

No products photosensitizer


The results are quite fast, the next day the skin is smoother and softer. Dermal synthesis requires between three to six months, so you have to wait a bit to have thicker, hydrated and toned skin.

In order to have an optimal and lasting result, we advise you to carry out four sessions at one month intervals and an annual maintenance session.

The results are visible quite quickly, after a few weeks and are maximum after three months. Skin appears plumped, radiant and smoother. The complexion is more even: pigmentations and redness are reduced. The skin texture is refined.
Wrinkles are not improved by this treatment.
The protocol provides for three to four sessions one month apart. An annual maintenance is recommended.

Results :

Brighter and smoother complexion

Redensified fabrics

Firmed skin

Reduced lines and wrinkles

Pores tightened

Diminished pigment spots (photoaging)

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