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Traitement cellulite et peau d'orange par Lipocavitation Candiac

Cellulite and orange peel treatment by LipocavitationCandiac

Cellulite is a problem and complex for you, but you are not ready to undergo surgery such as liposuction to get rid of it?


That's good Medesthetic lipocavitation has made it one of its specialties. Lipocavitation is a method to fight in a localized way against cellulite and the "orange peel" effect.

Lipocavitation: what is it?

Painless and non-invasive, lipocavitation allows a gradual melting of fatty deposits. The fat is not directly removed from the body with thelipocavitation, unlike liposuction which refers to a surgical aspiration (through small incisions) of superficial or deep subcutaneous fat.


Lipocavitation is also called cavitation. This innovative technique is based on the use of ultrasound. How it works ? Installed in a restricted area, the RF tip will release waves that will generate air bubbles.

These bubbles attach themselves to the walls of the fat cells and will break them by imploding, thus releasing the fatty deposits they contain. The fat disperses into the surrounding tissue and will be eliminated naturally thanks to muscle activity and the liver

Advantages and contraindications of lipocavitation

La lipocavitation est une méthode non-invasive et indolore. Contrairement à la liposuccion ou au lifting brésilien, elle ne nécessite pas d’intervention chirurgicale et ne laisse pas de traces.

Quels sont ses avantages ?

Lipocavitation is a non-invasive and painless method. Unlike liposuction or the Brazilian facelift, it does not require surgery and does not leave marks.

What are the advantages ?

• It naturally eliminates fatty deposits by promoting their release into the bloodstream.

• The fat released by the ultrasounds becomes a source of energy for the muscles.

• It is a gentle technique that gradually reshapes the silhouette and is perfectly suited to treating localized cellulite, since only small areas are treated at a time.

• Results on cellulite are visible quickly.

• The orange peel appearance is reduced and the skin appears lifted and tightened.

• A 35-minute session can eliminate up to 25 grams of fat.

What are the areas to be treated?

This technique makes it possible to target very specific areas:

• Saddlebags

• Hips

• Belly

• Love handles

• Thighs

• Arm

• Knees

As for contraindications, there are not many of them.

Lipocavitation is not recommended for pregnant women.

• It is not suitable for those who wear a pacemaker, who suffer from heart and venous problems (thrombosis, phlebitis) or who have recent scars.

• It is prohibited for those taking anticoagulants.

• It is not recommended for people with cancer and women with an IUD.

Quelles sont les zones à traiter ?

• Culotte de cheval

• Hanches

• Ventre

• Poignées d’amour

• Cuisses

• Bras

• Genoux

Quant aux contre-indications, elles ne sont pas nombreuses.

• La lipocavitation est déconseillée aux femmes enceintes.

• Elle n’est pas adaptée à celles et ceux qui portent un pacemaker, qui souffrent de problèmes cardiaques et veineux (thrombose, phlébite) ou qui présentent des cicatrices récentes.

• Elle est interdite à ceux qui prennent des anticoagulants.

• Elle n’est pas recommandée aux personnes atteintes d’un cancer et aux femmes porteuses d’un stérilet.

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