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Specific Seboregulating Facial (combination and oily skin)

Optimize your skincare routine for combination and oily skin with our specific sebum-regulating facial treatment. Eliminate impurities, revitalize your skin cells, and reveal your skin's natural radiance. Discover the secret to balanced and radiant skin."

Description: Cleansing treatment, elimination of imputed skin, cell rebuilder, rebalancing and revealing radiance.


  • make-up removal

  • Scrub

  • Ozone vapor

  • Calm rebalance soothing gel

  • Extraction (of comedones, blackheads)

  • cleansing water lotion

  • Specific face and neck massage with calendula oil

  • Descaling Absorbent Mask associated with Phototherapy

  • Intense Serum

  • Ultra firming gel

  • Hyaluron E Cream

Indication: Anyone with combination or oily skin, who wishes to instantly and durably mattify, while maintaining an optimal level of hydration.

Comprendre la Peau Mixte et Grasse

Before diving into the details of the Specific Seboregulating Facial, it is essential to understand what it means to have combination or oily skin. People with combination skin usually have a T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) prone to excess oil production, while the cheeks and other parts of the face may be dry or normal. Oily skin, on the other hand, tends to produce excessive amounts of oil all over your face, which can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and shiny skin.

Le Facial Spécifique Séborégulateur : Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

The Specific Sebum Regulating Facial is a professional skin care treatment designed to regulate sebum production, deeply cleanse the skin and reveal a more radiant complexion.

Description: Cleansing treatment, elimination of imputed skin, cell reconstructor, rebalancing and radiance revealer.

The Benefits of the Specific Seboregulating Facial

  1. Control of Sebum Production: One of the key benefits of this treatment is its ability to regulate sebum production. By reducing excess sebum, it helps prevent the formation of pimples and minimize skin shine.

  2. Deep Cleansing: The Specific Seboregulator Facial uses powerful cleansing products to eliminate impurities, dead skin cells and makeup residue. This unclogs clogged pores, reducing the chances of blackheads and acne.

  3. Skin Rebalancing: By specifically treating areas of the skin that produce too much sebum, this treatment helps rebalance the skin. Dry or normal areas of your face will also benefit from the hydration and care they deserve.

  4. Radiance Revealer: After undergoing a Specific Sebum Regulating Facial, many people notice that their skin appears more radiant. This is due to the combination of exfoliation, deep cleansing and regulation of sebum production.

  5. Improved Skin Texture: This treatment can also help improve skin texture by reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and making skin feel smoother and softer.

What to expect during a Session

A session of Specific Seboregulating Facial begins with a deep cleansing of the skin to remove all impurities and residual makeup. Next, a gentle exfoliant is applied to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Treatment often includes an extraction step to remove blackheads and comedones.

After the extraction, a specific sebum-regulating mask is applied to regulate sebum production. This mask is enriched with soothing and hydrating ingredients to balance the skin.

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