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Pressotherapy is a treatment method that may be indicated in certain situations for various benefits related to blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and reduction of fluid retention. Here are some of the common indications for pressotherapy:

  1. Venous Insufficiency and Heavy Legs: Pressotherapy is often recommended for people suffering from chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins or heavy legs. It can help improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, reduce swelling and relieve unpleasant symptoms.

  2. Cellulite Treatment: Pressotherapy is sometimes used in cellulite treatment programs. It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by promoting blood circulation, removing toxins and improving skin texture.

  3. Lymphatic Drainage: Pressotherapy is an effective tool for lymphatic drainage. It can be beneficial for people with lymphatic circulation problems, especially after surgery or in cases of lymphedema.

  4. Relief of Swelling and Edema: It is often used to reduce swelling and edema, whether after surgery, in case of injury or due to specific medical conditions.

  5. Weight Loss Support: Some people incorporate pressotherapy into their weight loss program. Although not a weight loss method in its own right, it can help by promoting the elimination of metabolic waste and improving metabolism.

  6. Relaxation and Well-Being: Pressotherapy can be used as a relaxation and well-being treatment. It can help reduce stress, promote muscle relaxation and improve overall comfort.

traitement jambes lourdes par pressothérapie Candiac

Pressotherapy treatment of heavy legs Candiac

If you are tired of the feeling of heavy legs, pressotherapy is for you. This technique consists of the use of large boots that will perform compressions on your legs and thus promote better venous return. It thus helps to eliminate oedemas, feelings of heavy legs, swelling and the feeling of fatigue. It also prevents varicose veins by accelerating lymphatic circulation.


The effects are felt from the first session. We also offer pressotherapy sessions for the arms, waist and buttocks.

Pressotherapy provides, from the first session, a feeling of well-being on the circulatory and physical levels. The higher the frequency of the sessions, the more results you will obtain for your health and your figure. We observe a resorption of cellulite and, consequently, a refinement of the silhouette. Blood return is improved and eliminates the feeling of "heavy legs". 


Acute deep vein thrombosis, erysipelas or lymphangitis, systemic decompensation, pressure urticaria. Edema, lymphedema and phleboedema, prevention of thrombosis and sequelae of phlebitis, heavy legs, or in sports and post-surgical recovery.

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