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Slimsculpt tones the pelvic muscles after childbirth!
Slimsculpt to strengthen the perineum effortlessly and painlessly!

The rehabilitation of the perineum after childbirth is very important. Urinary incontinence frequently occurs directly after childbirth, it can also appear several years later, even at menopause.
A relaxed perineum is synonymous with multiple disorders such as urinary leakage, incontinence or loss of pleasure during sexual intercourse. The slimsculpt seat will tone the muscles so you can enjoy going about your business without any fear. No more small accidents in case of intense physical effort, sneezing, bursting out laughing or coughing!

There are other factors like being overweight, physical inactivity, constipation, etc. can also lead to weakening of the pelvic floor and require rehabilitation.
Slimsculpt treatment is contraindicated in the presence of metal in the body or electronic implants (pacemakers, implanted defibrillators).

How does it work?
The effectiveness of the method relies on focused electromagnetic energy. 
A single SLIMSCULPT session results in thousands of supra-maximal muscle contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, which are essential for muscle rehabilitation in incontinent patients.

The resultsare immediate and gradually improve during treatment. From the first session, you will already notice a difference in bladder control. However, you will need 2-4 weeks after the end of the last session to fully benefit from the effects of SLIMSCULPT.

The satisfaction rate is extremely high:
•    95% of treated patients saw a significant improvement in their quality of life.
•     67% of treated patients reduced or completely eliminated the daily use of sanitary napkins.
•    100% of patients declared a better knowledge of the pelvic floor muscles.

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Treatment and duration

A treatment includes 6 sessions with a frequency of one session per week. A session lasts 30 minutes. You receive the equivalent of 50,000 contractions during the session.

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