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Traitement Lipolaser cellulite Candiac

Lipolaser the innovative anti-cellulite treatmentCandiac

The LipoLaser to redraw your silhouette!

A natural anti-cellulite and skin restructuring method and technology

Non-invasive, totally external, safe and fast, the Lipolaser offers an innovative treatment for cellulite and fatty deposits. In 8 sessions on average, excess superficial fat disappears, the silhouette is redrawn, without injection, without anesthesia, without incision, without pain or side effects.

Held in place by wide bands of Velcro, the light-emitting head applicators (Pads) are placed directly on the skin, on the areas of the body that will need to be treated for an initial sequence of fifteen to twenty minutes. Invaded by a gentle warmth, accompanied by a feeling of serenity and absolute well-being, the patient is perfectly relaxed.

Duration of treatments.

The rhythm of the sessions can be flexibly adapted to all schedules. Remodeling an area requires an average of eight to twelve 30-minute sequences, spread over 2 sessions per week, for 4 weeks. Each session lasts 30 minutes. We can treat the entire surface of the thighs - internal, external and lateral faces - and not only the saddlebags or very localized fatty deposits, the abdominal belt, the arms, etc.

The LipoLaser is an alternative method to liposuction. It is safe, painless and completely non-invasive since it requires no surgery.

The Lipolaser is used toreduce localized fat accumulation(saddlebags, "love handles", hips, abdomen, knees, etc.) andrefine the appearance of the silhouette. In just 30 minutes, this technology allows instant and lasting loss!


The direct effect of the laser beam on adipocytes (fat cells) makes them permeable and releases their content (fatty acids, glycerol and water). These surpluses are then reabsorbed by the blood and lymphatic circulation, then eliminated by the body. 

The LipoLaser represents the latest technology in Laser Lipolysis (melting of fatty tissue by laser diodes), allowing you to lose several centimeters of waistline, reshape the contours of your body (hips, buttocks, arms, thighs, double chin…) and improve the appearance of your cellulite.

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