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Hollywood Peel (Carbon Peel)

The Carbon Peel is a gentle peeling that uses carbon as a vector highlighting the impurities and imperfections of the skin (obstructed or dilated pores, spots, fine lines).
The laser activates at the sight of the carbon particles and causes them to "implode" with the imperfections of the skin.

The Carbon Peel is a complete treatment that:
It acts on the production of collagen: the reaction of the laser with the skin stimulates the collagen leading to the production of new collagen which will reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve the density and elasticity of the skin.
It regulates sebum: the laser controls the activity of the sebaceous glands which produce less sebum, the skin is then less oily.
It improves acne: the heat released by the treatment destroys the bacteria responsible for acne.
It tightens pores.
It evens out the complexion by treating pigment spots and melanin debris.
It helps rejuvenate damaged or aging skin.

This complete treatment is intended for all people wishing to obtain rejuvenation and a marked improvement in the skin with rapid results and without social eviction.

The Carbon Peel is made up of several steps:

  • make-up removal

  • Scrub

  • Face and neckline massage

  • Personalized mask that best suits your skin type

  • Application of serum 

  • Application of carbon solution 

  • Once the solution is dry, the laser treatment can begin

  • ​A second passage of the laser is carried out without carbon. This passage makes it possible to restimulate collagen and increase its action on fine lines and on the firmness/elasticity of the skin. In particular, it reinforces its action on dark spots in order to even out the complexion.

  • Mask application specially adapted based on Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera in order to perfectly moisturize the skin and soothe it.

  • A red color LED session is performed to re-stimulate the skin

This treatment is suitable for everyone, it meets the needs of combination to oily skin by regulating sebum but also for dry and sensitive skin by purifying it without attacking it. 

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