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Pulsed light, the Yag laser are gentle and effective methods.
The energy of the light is absorbed by the target, which is here the vessel or the pigment (melanin) or the water of the dermis, then is transformed into heat causing:
Either a coagulation and adisappearance desredness,
Either a disintegration of the pepper,
Either an activation of collagen synthesis.

Thermocoagulation makes it possible to treat small abnormalities of the circulation as well as those related to pigmentation:

  • rosacea

  • spider angiomas

  • skin tags (teats)

  • the ruby dots

  • grains of milia

  • Cholesterol deposits


Sun exposure in the month following or preceding the sessions.

Taking photo-sensitizing or beta-carotene medications.

Photo-triggered or photo-aggravated dermatosis (lupus, etc.).

Traitement des tâches pigmentaires medesthtétique candiac montréal

Facial Skin blemish treatment

The thermocoagulation treatment is a state-of-the-art technology that eliminates several skin anomalies such as pigmentary vascular imperfections. This procedure destroys the veinpby the heat. This is generated by a high frequency electric current.
The results of thermo coagulation are excellent and fast: the varicosity fades immediately and is no longer visible from 48 hours after the treatment.

VASCULAR LASER: Rosacea, Erythrosis, Angiomas

We mainly use the ND Yag 1064 nm laser and in some cases we can also use pulsed light (flash lamp). The laser is a device that emits a beam of light with properties to destroy a specific target: the hemoglobin of the blood circulating in the superficial vessels of the skin.


Rosacea affects the face or décolleté. It consists of a multiplication of unsightly superficial vessels on the cheeks, the wings of the nose, the chin, the forehead. This rosacea worsens continuously throughout life and is aggravated by the sun


rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects the blood vessels, mainly in the face, and causes redness, rosacea andsometimes acne.

  It affects between 2 and 3% of the population.

ANGIOMAS   can be of several types.

Congenitals,they appear and develop in the first weeks of life, they can then experience a more or less complete spontaneous regression. Vascular lasers can treat the most extensive, from an early age, in order to limit the impact of possible teasing from the first school year.

THEruby angiomas  which appear as small red balls or stellate angiomas, plans and stars, readily appear in adulthood and can multiply. Benign, they only cause aesthetic damage. They can be treated by  vascular laser

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