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Rejuvenate your skin naturally with the power of focused ultrasound! Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to revitalized skin with non-surgical HIFU treatment. Discover the secret of rejuvenation without surgery.

The face is a reflection of our personality and history, but as we age, signs of aging begin to appear in the form of wrinkles, fine lines and loss of skin firmness. Many people are looking for solutions to rejuvenate their faces without resorting to invasive cosmetic surgery. That's where HIFU facial treatment comes in, offering an innovative alternative for natural, scalpel-free rejuvenation. In this blog, we'll explore HIFU facial treatment in depth, understanding how it works, its benefits, expected results, as well as its safety profile. Get ready to discover how HIFU can help you regain firmer skin, a more youthful appearance and gain confidence.

HIFU skin rejuvenation
HIFU non-surgical facelift

Understanding HIFU TREATMENT- non-surgical facelift


HIFU, or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is an advanced aesthetic technology that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to target the subcutaneous tissues of the face without damaging the superficial skin. This non-invasive method stimulates collagen production, improving skin elasticity and firmness.

The origins of HIFU

HIFU was first developed for medical applications, such as the treatment of prostate cancer. Its use in aesthetics is relatively new, but is growing in popularity due to its convincing results.

Mechanism of action

HIFU treatment uses focused ultrasound to heat subcutaneous tissue to specific depths, causing controlled micro-lesions. This heat induces the body's natural healing response, stimulating the production of new collagen and thus tightening the skin.

HiFU preserves the skin's surface while precisely targeting levels of depth and heat beyond those of radiofrequency, for example. It works beyond the layers of dermis and foundation, where the first signs of structural fragility appear.

The specific zones targeted undergo a temperature rise of around 65°C. This thermal heat generates distant "micro-lesions" and cellular friction within skin tissue. This process encourages healing, causes immediate collagen contraction and stimulates increased collagen production. Over the following 90 to 180 days, the healing response drives long-term tissue improvement, resulting in further strengthening and firming. Results can last for years.

What's unique about HIFU TREATMENT?

High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy, more commonly known as HIFU, is a revolutionary medical technology used in a variety of non-invasive treatments, both in aesthetic medicine and in the treatment of certain pathologies such as prostate cancer. What makes HIFU particularly unique is its precise approach and ability to treat deep tissue without the need for surgical incisions.

1. Extreme precision

One of the most remarkable features of HIFU is its extreme precision. Focused ultrasound enables specific areas to be targeted with great precision, to within a few millimeters. This precision enables ultrasonic energy to be concentrated on very small foci, maximizing treatment efficacy while preserving surrounding healthy tissue.

2. Non-invasive

Unlike traditional surgical methods, HIFU is totally non-invasive. There is no cutting, which means there is no scarring after treatment. This feature is particularly attractive for patients who wish to avoid the risks associated with surgery, such as infections or long recovery periods.

3. Deep tissue treatment

HIFU can reach tissues several centimeters below the surface of the skin. This ability to treat deep areas makes it effective for internal organs without disturbing the skin surface. For example, it is used to target tumors in oncology or to perform face lifts in aesthetic medicine.

4. Immediate and long-term effects

HIFU results are often visible immediately after treatment, with continued improvement over several months. In the case of skin rejuvenation, for example, the natural healing and collagen production process induced by the treatment continues to firm the skin over time.

5. Diverse applications

HIFU is extremely versatile. In aesthetics, they are used for skin tightening, face lifting and fat reduction. In the medical field, it is used to treat pathologies such as uterine fibroids and certain cancers. This versatility makes HIFU a preferred treatment option in many medical fields.

In conclusion, HIFU stands out for its ability to offer an effective and safe solution for a variety of medical and aesthetic conditions without the drawbacks of surgical procedures. Its precision, non-invasiveness and long-lasting results make it a leading technology in the world of modern medical treatments.

Face focused ultrasound 4.5 mm, 3mm and 1.5 mm

How does HiFU differ from laser treatments?

The HiFU system uses proven ultrasound to harness sound energy, with unique characteristics that enable it to penetrate beyond the skin's surface and reach depths unmatched by other non-invasive cosmetic devices. HiFU ultrasound works by stimulating collagen production at the base of the skin, resulting in clinically significant tissue firming over a period extending from 2 to 3 months.

Unlike lasers, which depend on light energy and cannot reach deeper skin layers at optimal temperature levels, HiFU ultrasound effectively treats these deeper layers. Laser treatments are generally limited to superficial skin and are not designed to produce a lifting effect. Because the two technologies often target different types of skin problems, they are in fact highly compatible.

Facial target areas

HIFU treatment can target different areas of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, temples, eyebrows, eye contour, neck and chin. This enables a personalized approach to meet the specific needs of each patient.

HIFU lifting non chirurgical
Face focused ultrasound 4.5 mm, 3mm and 1.5 mm

Benefits of HIFU for the face

Skin rejuvenation

HIFU works by tightening and firming the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and signs of sagging.

Non-invasive and surgery-free

Unlike surgical procedures, HIFU is a non-invasive method that requires no incisions, which means no scarring and no recovery time.

Lasting results

The effects of HIFU treatment are progressive, with results generally improving in the weeks and months following the session. The benefits are long-lasting, providing a more youthful, refreshed appearance for an extended period.


Initial consultation

Before undergoing HIFU treatment, an initial consultation with a qualified esthetician is essential. Your esthetician will assess your skin, discuss your expectations and provide you with all the necessary information about the procedure.

The treatment

The HIFU session takes place in a specially adapted environment. The esthetician applies a conductive gel to your face to facilitate ultrasound transmission. The HIFU device is then used to emit ultrasound focused on the targeted areas.

Sensations during treatment

Patients may experience a warm, tingling sensation during the HIFU session, but this is generally well tolerated.

Areas treated by HIFU TREATMENT

  • - Face and forehead lift: slackening of the entire face, especially the oval, attenuation of jowls and double chin.

  • - Sagging eyebrows

  • - Malar pockets (oedemas localized on cheekbones)

  • - Reduction of wrinkles

  • - Increased skin elasticity

  • - Tighter pores

  • - Regeneration of collagen

Forehead and eyebrows

HIFU reduces forehead wrinkles and lifts the eyebrows, for a more open, alert look.

Cheeks and cheekbones

By targeting the cheeks and cheekbones, HIFU reshapes the oval of the face and improves contour definition.

Neck and décolleté

HIFU can also be used to firm the skin of the neck and décolleté, helping to combat sagging and signs of aging in these areas.

HIFU Before After 1 treatment

Here are the results we can achieve with high-intensity focused ultrasound:

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Increased production of elastin and collagen

  • Re-education of muscles

  • Stimulation of skin cells

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Improves, firms and tightens muscles

  • Reduction of drooping eyelids

  • Reduction of nasolabial fold

  • Improvement and tightening of skin laxity

  • Tighter cheeks, jowls and neck

  • Reduction of double chin

  • Reduction of under-eye bags

  • Minimization of fat deposits

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduction of acne

  • Reduction of acne scars

  • Enhancement of sagging breasts

  • Firming and lifting of buttocks

After HIFU treatment

Side effects and recovery

As HIFU is a non-invasive technique, side effects are generally minimal.

Results and follow-up

Visible results

The results of HIFU treatment are not immediate, but become progressively visible in the weeks following the session. Skin is firmer and more toned, and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Number of sessions

The number of sessions required varies according to each patient's individual needs. On average, 1 to 3 sessions may be recommended for optimal results.

Safety of HIFU treatment

Safety profile

HIFU is considered safe, and generally has only minor side effects, such as temporary redness or mild sensitivity.

Potential candidates

HIFU is suitable for most adults wishing to improve skin firmness and reduce the signs of aging.


HIFU treatment of the face represents a promising advance in the field of aesthetics, offering a non-invasive alternative for natural rejuvenation. By stimulating collagen production, HIFU improves skin firmness and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, delivering long-lasting results. Consult a qualified professional to find out how HIFU treatment can help you regain a more youthful, radiant appearance without the need for cosmetic surgery. With HIFU, give your face the radiance it deserves and gain the confidence to face each day with serenity.

Opting for Medesthétique as your destination for aesthetic treatments means guaranteeing optimal results. Our area of excellence lies in HIFU treatments, where our expertise is solidly underpinned by the use of state-of-the-art equipment and our vastly satisfied clientele.
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