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Formulated with papaya (papain), pineapple (bromelain) and kaolin, our Enzyme Mask provides gentle yet deep enzymatic exfoliation, making it ideal for all skin types and most skin conditions, including sensitive skin.


This gentle exfoliator dissolves dead cells on the skin's surface to reveal more radiant skin. The action of key proteolytic enzymes accelerates the skin's natural exfoliation process by gently removing the layer of keratinized protein around aged or damaged skin cells.


Essentially, the breakdown of accumulated dead or damaged skin cells helps stimulate the production of fresh, healthy skin cells.



- Made from high quality stabilized papain and bromelain enzymes to deliver deep exfoliation and luminosity with improved skin tolerance.
- Helps brighten skin tone and restore its youthful appearance.
- As effective as glycolic acid in giving a brighter complexion, without irritating the skin.
- Leaves skin smoother and softer, with a more even complexion.
- Can be used for all skin types.

Lightly scented. Without parabens.

Enzyme Mask

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