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Lightweight, fast-absorbing gel based on pure, soluble native collagen derived from marine sources, as well as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Designed to support daily skin resilience and elasticity, reduce signs of premature aging and increase deep skin hydration. Ideal for daily home anti-aging care.

Our Native Collagen + HA promotes better water content and strengthens its health. Ideal for premature aging, young or sensitive skin.


- Soothing gel that provides exceptional deep hydration.
- Increases the skin's water retention capacities to improve suppleness, texture and tone.
- Improves the recovery process of the skin following exfoliation, skin resurfacing or photo-rejuvenation treatment.
- Reduces the signs of aging and the appearance of fine lines.
- Ideal for daily use to slow down the aging process for young skin.

Without perfume. Without parabens.

Native Collagen + AH- ELTRADERM

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