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The website "» is the property of Medesthetic CR

Under the domain name: is a social network of good deals that is part of a dedicated social network platform, allowing its members to create unique personal profiles online, find friends, make new friends and communicate with them.

Medesthetic CR



Phone: 438 364 7703




500 Terry A Francois Blvd

San Francisco, CA 94158


Construction of the site SEO configuration: OO WEB,


The services provided by Madame Christine ROUSSEAU include all URLs including:
- messaging services (in particular, instant messaging, personal messaging and electronic messaging services).
- music and video services .
- the platform for developers.
- mobile services.
- and all other content (forums, events, meetings...) the online radio service or features or applications regularly offered by and which relate to the activity of https:/ / (collectively, the “” modules).
The Services are hosted in France on the servers of the company WIX.

The site is hosted by:

President and Director of Publication
Ms Christine Rousseau

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