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This unique Peptide Complex Serum incorporates a blend of organic, patented anti-aging tetrapeptides integrated with a unique saccharide complex and sea fern extracts to form the ultimate anti-aging serum!

This exclusive fusion of active ingredients targets skin aging issues such as visible signs of aging, long-term hydration and water retention, extra supportive care for dry skin and age spots .

Ideal for mature, dehydrated or dry skin as well as pigment spots.

The Peptide Complex Serum works great in combination with one of our soluble native collagen products for daily care.


- Increases smoothness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
- Reduces the appearance of age spots caused by the sun.
- Provides exceptional long-lasting hydration to improve skin hydration, suppleness and elasticity.
- Ideal for daily use for mature, dehydrated, dry, or prematurely aging skin.


Without perfume. Without parabens.

Peptide Complex Serum

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